Saturday, January 24, 2009

Back in the saddle again

O.K. it officially starts today. In 2007 I started a diet and lost 110 lbs. Christmas came that year and I went to my old habits. I have gained 80 lbs back. I need to be dedicated and record my habits. I did it once I can do it again.

(non related or related mumbo-jumbo)

Football starts today, at least here it does. I need to set up a program that teaches fundamentals that can be transferred to game time plays. Play hard and have fun, easy to say, hard to teach. Most kids shy away from contact, I have to prove to them that they will not get hurt.

1. The Quarterback is the field general. Must know the plays and recognize defensive formations.

2. Running backs must attack the hole. Full speed!!!!!

3. The line must block, attacking the man in front of them or to play side. Stunts and types of blocks must be learned.

I must change my habits as a person, I can no longer afford to be lazy. I need to put more effort into my life, and my work, coaching, and personal life will benefit.(not in that order)

Today I weigh 310, my goal is to loose 2 lbs a week and reach the weight of 220 lbs. At that time I will re-evaluate may habits and other goals that I need to set.

I must maintain my goal weight for at least 6 months.

I will use this blog as a sounding board and keep track of my progress. My the force be with me!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ticked off

We played Tinley Park and got an old fashion butt whooping. The day started out bad when the Bulldog A.D. would not let us warm up on the baseball field. All the other teams had warmed up there but for some reason that was not shared with me we were unable to use the area. The game was close at the half, we were trailing 8-0. Something happened that I've seen for the first time with this team, they gave up on themselves. Quiting on yourself is a bad thing and is a trend that was addressed during practice.

The week before a relative was seen at a football game, this relative is angry at the world for reasons that are absurd and unrealistic to any person that deals with reality. My wife and myself have tried to mend fences because we cared about this person and if their was the slimmest of margin that we had done something to offend, then we should make things right. On this day my daughter who loves this person (and everyone in the family) went to give a hug and was given a cold shoulder. My daughter does not know how to react to this and is confuses, and I think this family member also did not know how to react to the affections of a little girl and was cold.

Now yesterday this person was seen at yet another football game and snubbed my daughter for a second time. I truly believe that it is time for this person to pull their head out of their ass and take a breath in the real world and realize that the only person that they are hurting is themselves.

If later on in their small petty insignificant shallow life they decide to reconnect, I just hope that all the people that they shut out are still willing to take them back in. The list is starting to grow.


Sunday, September 7, 2008


WE had our second game and lost to the New Lenox Mustangs. The Raiders came out strong and scored first. We were not all that strong we drove on two plays, play one was a run by our 4 back who got bottled up in the middle and had the presence of mind to break it to the outside for a long gain. Play two was a shovel pass to the tight end who had a great run into the end zone.

The Mustangs blocked well, got into their man and the backs read the block and ran well every time. The Raiders would get into their man but not move their feet and a stalemate would be created on the line of scrimmage, making the backs go sideline to sideline looking for an opening. I could say this is because the players I have a smaller than the other team but it happened the previous week on occasions. This leads me to believe that it is coaching that is missing to help this team achieve.

In the beginning of the year I said I would drive in the basics, BLOCKING, TACKLING, AND RUNNING. Until the coach starts to drive in the basics, no matter how boring they can be, we will be a bad team with poor skills.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Practice game - First game

We had our first practice game and did reasonably well. Our offence sputtered and did not get a first down until the third quarter, when we decided to block and drove the ball down the field. We finally got on the board with .10 seconds left, but a to many men on the field call and a false start pushed us back on the extra point and we did not convert. I was happy with a tie, until with .10 seconds left they threw a pass to our corner back and their receiver pulled it out of his hands and scored. I could only laugh because we played such a good game to be taken away at the last moment. Oh well, just a practice game.

Orland Park: our first game, let me start buy saying that the week leading up to this game our starting 3 back got a knot on his knee the size of a golf ball and sat out until game day. Not to be out done our starting 2 back injured his heel and could barley run, on that same day the starting left tackle informed me that his dad is taking his family on vacation for the long labor day weekend and will miss the game, the starting left guard was sick miss practice (team rule: miss one practice miss one quarter), O.K second team guard. No, he has some kind of allergic reaction to something he ate and misses the next three practices. (team rule: miss three practices you are probably to sick to play)
There are 26 kids on this team, all this means is some other player is going to get some more meaning full playing time, but at one point I did say that kids develop at different rates. So the player filling in will be less skilled than the one he is replacing.

We came quick out of the gate and fumbled the ball on the first play of the game. (second team back, game day jitters) After we got the ball back we drove the ball to the 10 yard line and fumbled, we drove the ball to the 15 yard line interception. We had some good drives but would do something to kill the drive. The game is coming to an end quickly and the Pioneers are on their 40 yard line, punt team. We block it and get the ball back on the Pioneer 30. Now let me start by saying that I told the team know matter the score of the game our third unit is playing the fourth quarter. So I call out the third unit, we make a couple mistakes but we also gain some ground, back to the 30. 9.7 seconds left on the clock, time out, coach Joel asks "can I have the first unit in." I respond "NO!" How about the first unit backs? O.K. Joel and Bobby Turner put a pitch pass in during the time out.

Carma: with 9.7 seconds left we score a touch down. What makes this play great is the players that need the most work blocked and held out the Pioneer defence to allow this play to develop.

Game ball- Coach Joel & Coach Bob

Sunday, August 24, 2008


We had our first practice game yesterday and we did well. We lost on the last play of the game when a receiver out jumped three of our defenders and ran in for a touchdown. This team is small buy the standards set up by the league, they are out weighted and out sized, but only in stature. When it comes to heart this team is a giant. We played a team that is allowed ten more pounds then us and we smashed them in the mouth. When behind this team never gave up. I wish I could say it is from coaching but you can't teach heart. It is something that you are born with, a drive, a never say quit attitude. Even though we lost the game I am very proud of the way this team played. We need to make adjustment in our blocking and more conditioning, but with heart this team will do well.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Team

It has been a busy August with football, family and life. The team I have this year is quiet with a few exceptions, and what I found out is if I do not address each player individually that they do not get the message I'm trying to convey.

The hardest part of coaching is to develop each player and since each player learns at a different rate repetition is the best way. This makes it boring for the kids that have it figured out early on, so I throw a drill in hear and there to break up the mundane. With some kids you can see the joy in there face at the idea of contact, and others the terror that they have to hit some one. Teaching is a challenge no matter what the subject, I guess the key is to keep the attention of the group you are teaching and to make it as much fun as it can be. You always remember the best part of things and forget the rest, so why should football be different.

Ten, twenty, thirty years from now the player are not going to remember there records, but they will remember the fun they had and if it was a positive experience.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


In church last Sunday we learned about pride, and how it is one of the sins. We also learned about humility, and what it mean to be humble. You my ask what does this have to do with football.


Parents have a sense of entitlement when it come to their children, that has to do with pride.
We should teach our children to do their best and no matter the outcome putting your out best effort is what matters.
Football is a team sport and not just the players on the field decide the outcome but the players that pushed each other all weak decides the end result.
Everyone on the field is doing their best. The coaches, refs, and anyone else does not start or finish the game thinking how can I screw this team.

Love, discipline, fair play should replace pride.