Saturday, April 12, 2008

Control Freak

As a coach you want to call your offence or defence the way you think it should be run. It is an ego thing. Not many coaches would say that their plays are not good, it has to be the players execution of the play that makes it fail. How do you get coaches involved in a game? One coach call offence the other defence leaving other coaches to look on and suggest plays that may work. That's why we need to game plan and work on the basics

If you control the line of scrimmage on ether side of the ball.......... you win! That takes blocking and tackling. Control your man, know your assignment, because the game is won during practice. That is how I need to get coaches involved...................IN PRACTICE.

RULE #3 You play like you practice

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Coaching Tips

Attitude; it is contagious. After each season I reflect and try to grade myself. I have never given myself a positive grade. The 2007 season was my worst. I coach football so the kids I coach remember to have fun in the boundaries of the game. I also want each kid to feel that he is part of the team and not a practice player. I failed to get all the players into some games, and follow our teams minimum of four plays. Most of the players deserve more. They attend all practices and give maximum effort. I got caught up in wins and losses, and player suffered because of it. If my attitude was different the wins and losses would take care of themselves and all the kids would have fun and feel as if they belong. So :

RULE #1 Attitude (Mine = Yours)
RULE #2 Time + Effort = more playing time