Sunday, August 31, 2008

Practice game - First game

We had our first practice game and did reasonably well. Our offence sputtered and did not get a first down until the third quarter, when we decided to block and drove the ball down the field. We finally got on the board with .10 seconds left, but a to many men on the field call and a false start pushed us back on the extra point and we did not convert. I was happy with a tie, until with .10 seconds left they threw a pass to our corner back and their receiver pulled it out of his hands and scored. I could only laugh because we played such a good game to be taken away at the last moment. Oh well, just a practice game.

Orland Park: our first game, let me start buy saying that the week leading up to this game our starting 3 back got a knot on his knee the size of a golf ball and sat out until game day. Not to be out done our starting 2 back injured his heel and could barley run, on that same day the starting left tackle informed me that his dad is taking his family on vacation for the long labor day weekend and will miss the game, the starting left guard was sick miss practice (team rule: miss one practice miss one quarter), O.K second team guard. No, he has some kind of allergic reaction to something he ate and misses the next three practices. (team rule: miss three practices you are probably to sick to play)
There are 26 kids on this team, all this means is some other player is going to get some more meaning full playing time, but at one point I did say that kids develop at different rates. So the player filling in will be less skilled than the one he is replacing.

We came quick out of the gate and fumbled the ball on the first play of the game. (second team back, game day jitters) After we got the ball back we drove the ball to the 10 yard line and fumbled, we drove the ball to the 15 yard line interception. We had some good drives but would do something to kill the drive. The game is coming to an end quickly and the Pioneers are on their 40 yard line, punt team. We block it and get the ball back on the Pioneer 30. Now let me start by saying that I told the team know matter the score of the game our third unit is playing the fourth quarter. So I call out the third unit, we make a couple mistakes but we also gain some ground, back to the 30. 9.7 seconds left on the clock, time out, coach Joel asks "can I have the first unit in." I respond "NO!" How about the first unit backs? O.K. Joel and Bobby Turner put a pitch pass in during the time out.

Carma: with 9.7 seconds left we score a touch down. What makes this play great is the players that need the most work blocked and held out the Pioneer defence to allow this play to develop.

Game ball- Coach Joel & Coach Bob

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