Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Team

It has been a busy August with football, family and life. The team I have this year is quiet with a few exceptions, and what I found out is if I do not address each player individually that they do not get the message I'm trying to convey.

The hardest part of coaching is to develop each player and since each player learns at a different rate repetition is the best way. This makes it boring for the kids that have it figured out early on, so I throw a drill in hear and there to break up the mundane. With some kids you can see the joy in there face at the idea of contact, and others the terror that they have to hit some one. Teaching is a challenge no matter what the subject, I guess the key is to keep the attention of the group you are teaching and to make it as much fun as it can be. You always remember the best part of things and forget the rest, so why should football be different.

Ten, twenty, thirty years from now the player are not going to remember there records, but they will remember the fun they had and if it was a positive experience.

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