Sunday, September 7, 2008


WE had our second game and lost to the New Lenox Mustangs. The Raiders came out strong and scored first. We were not all that strong we drove on two plays, play one was a run by our 4 back who got bottled up in the middle and had the presence of mind to break it to the outside for a long gain. Play two was a shovel pass to the tight end who had a great run into the end zone.

The Mustangs blocked well, got into their man and the backs read the block and ran well every time. The Raiders would get into their man but not move their feet and a stalemate would be created on the line of scrimmage, making the backs go sideline to sideline looking for an opening. I could say this is because the players I have a smaller than the other team but it happened the previous week on occasions. This leads me to believe that it is coaching that is missing to help this team achieve.

In the beginning of the year I said I would drive in the basics, BLOCKING, TACKLING, AND RUNNING. Until the coach starts to drive in the basics, no matter how boring they can be, we will be a bad team with poor skills.

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Kickstand Pam said...

It was a physical loss but a mental victory coach. Better than the New Lenox game last year. :)

I'm proud of you and your team. Go get'm this week! :)