Sunday, August 24, 2008


We had our first practice game yesterday and we did well. We lost on the last play of the game when a receiver out jumped three of our defenders and ran in for a touchdown. This team is small buy the standards set up by the league, they are out weighted and out sized, but only in stature. When it comes to heart this team is a giant. We played a team that is allowed ten more pounds then us and we smashed them in the mouth. When behind this team never gave up. I wish I could say it is from coaching but you can't teach heart. It is something that you are born with, a drive, a never say quit attitude. Even though we lost the game I am very proud of the way this team played. We need to make adjustment in our blocking and more conditioning, but with heart this team will do well.

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Kickstand Pam said...

Good job coach. You're going to have one of those magical years. I can't wait to watch it.